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Andrea is right!

Andrea 2Hey, again, Writerly Women. Our Andrea had a great suggestion. She asked if the blog could stay live so that she -- and all of you -- can have access to previous posts. That will absolutely happen! In fact, because I have a full year left with Typepad, I'll keep it open until the end of July 2022.

And let's take that one step further. Since so many of you have mentioned that you've treasured the sense of community here, please avail yourselves of the opportunity to chat with each other via comments. I'll check in from time to time and who knows, if something seems to be a theme I might do the occasional post. 

In fact  ... if in the next year any of you want to write a post and email it to me, I'll put it up here. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to showcase your work or share what you're learning?

And by ALL means, if you experience a milestone, no matter how small, EMAIL ME and I will share that news with the group. We're talking you finished a draft -- you had some interest at a conference -- an agent has asked to see your full manuscript -- or you've scrapped a project because the perfect one has come to you and you're on a roll.

I guess what I'm saying is that the forum remains. I hope you'll use it if it resonates with you.

All because Andrea spoke up. If any of you have ideas for what might happen here in this year of transition, do NOT hesitate to email me. I am all about it. 


Nancy Rue


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Nancy Rue

Thank you, Natasha. We will all still be here. Have an amazing time in Jordan!

Nancy Rue

I'm so glad you're on board with it, Lily. It has never been a burden, but this kind of freedom will probably see me actually keeping in BETTER touch!

Nancy Rue

Do you have any idea how much I LOVE that you connected with our Katie, Pam? You are both such fun, so I can imagine that you gave that conference a run for its money! May I post the picture you sent me of the two of you?


Thank you so much Nancy for your update and for your decision to leave up the blog so we can still have access to it! That's a lovely option to have. I'm going to email you now but wanted to also say to all the lovely women here that I have greatly appreciated your company and your insights!! Sending you all much love.


I love the idea of keeping this open, without burdening you, so that we can continue sharing and connecting. Love you and thank you, Nancy.

Pam Halter

Great idea!

I haven't commented on the other post yet, so I'll do that here. Nancy, I have so much enjoyed this blog, but I also feel your need to slow down. I'm feeling it myself. But Andrea's suggestion will keep this group alive without the burden of you having to blog on a regular basis.

Casual, but blessed. That's what we can be now! What does everyone think?

BTW, I loved, loved, LOVED meeting Kate at Realm Makers this year!!! I hope you attend next year, girl!

Andrea Chatman

Thank you, Nancy ❤

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