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All Good Things ...

Me with GibbsHello my fellow Writerly Women. Y'know, I've never liked the old adage, "All good things must come to an end," because I don't believe it's true. The really good things are everlasting -- like God and deep knowing and love itself.

I'd much rather say, "Some good things can be better with change." Like that incredible bottle of wine Jim and I shared last week on my birthday. It always tastes better when the server pours it - and, of course, when it has aged. Or like a great story idea that becomes more beautiful as you cultivate it. Or like women who age well -- keeping their wrinkles and white hair while they grow in wisdom. They are my inspiration.

This blog is one of those good things. My intention has been to nurture community. To encourage. To seek inspiration together so that our writing, too, can get better with change. I've come to realize that it's time for me to allow that intention to be fulfilled in a different way.

As you can see from the picture, my life has slowed WAY down, in ways that are quietly enriching. I'm embracing that and seeing the direction this season's path is taking me. Toward deeper, richer writing. Quiet afternoons. Lingering in relationships. Meditation and practice and study and rest. In watching this new lifestyle unfold, I've come to know that it's time for our blog to end and a different approach to staying in touch to begin.

I'm sure this is no surprise to you. I've not posted regularly or followed through on quarterly Zoom meetings. I hope I haven't let you down, though I know all of you are busy in your various seasons too. In order to finish well, I'd like to propose the following:

    * We have a week to say whatever we want to say before the Doorways close. Do post a comment between now and Monday, August 9, will you?

    * You feel free to email me to set up individual Skypes, Zooms or phone calls which I've been doing on the regular with several of you. If some of you want to do small group Zooms, that can work too.

    *   You email me anytime with questions or just to touch bases.

    * If one of you wants to set up your own blog with this same intention, I'm happy to help you do that. That could even be a two or three person endeavor.

The only factor that has made this decision difficult is the fear of losing touch with a single one of you. I don't want that to happen. I want to be able to continue to support you as women and as writers. It's just going to look a little different.

Please chime in. Please email me. Please tell me what you need. And please know that this good thing will change for the better.


Nancy Rue     


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Pam Halter

I'm sorry hear about your long covid, Jennifer. I hadn't heard of it. I had it last November and still don't have smell or taste (some days, just a little), but I haven't been sick-sick since Nov.

I may have developed fibromyalgia from it, though. Will be seeing a rheumatologist next week.

Emii - I'm not real knowledgeable when it comes to poetry, so while it feels that poem is beautiful, I can't even tell you what it's about. haha!

Nancy Rue

Emii, thank you for sharing that (love me some Rumi!) and yourself over the years in at least two of my blogs. Promise me that you will be in touch. I would to keep up on how you're doing. You have been youthful yet wise breath of fresh air in this community.

Nancy Rue

Oh, Jennifer -- I am SO sorry! That just sounds wretched. Please know that you have my prayers, and I'm sure I can say the same for our entire community. Yes, email me anytime. I always love hearing from you.


Happy birthday, Nancy. I hope it was a precious day of celebrations.

I'm sad to hear this news, but am ready to let go with you. I just want to say that through this blog I have truly experienced community and encouragement, particularly in difficult times when there was little to no human contact allowed in the 'real world' because of lockdowns and all the rest.

I'll always remember getting to meet with you on zoom -- all of you, but especially Nancy who has mentored me from a distance through her blogs for over ten years. That was a special moment.

Whatever comes, thank you everyone for what you've shared and for where we've found ourselves together. I'm grateful.

Thank you.

I recently discovered Rumi, and I thought I'd close with a few lines from a poem I love called 'Only Breath':

I belong to the beloved, have seen the two
worlds as one and that one call to and know,

first, last, inner, outer, only that
breath breathing human being.


Jennifer Guyer

Thank you Nancy for all you’ve done for us! I’ve been so encouraged through our journey together and will probably email you from time to time just to check in. Currently, I could use some prayer as I have Long Covid (7+ months now) writing has definitely taken a back seat. Sorry I haven’t been participating that much but know that It’s always made my day to see you and the other ladies from time to time. Love you all!

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