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Zoom, Zoom, Zoom II

HairGood morning, Writerly Women. Recently I had to announce that the 2019 Young Women Writers Retreat at Glen Eyrie was the last one. I look at photos like this one and feel a bittersweetness in my soul. Such delicious times, so many splendid results. I know I've made the right choice for the future, but in the present, I simply want to be with you -- all of you - young and young-at-heart.

Many of you have expressed those same feelings, so let's do the next best thing. Let's schedule another Zoom session. In addition to potential newcomer Kelly, Hannah C., Lily, Abigail H., Chelsea, Pam, Margie, Jenny D., Pam, Andrea, Emii and Gloria have already said they're in, so it's a go. Are the rest of you up for joining us?

Here's the plan:

  1. Let me know if this date and time works for you: SATURDAY, MARCH 20, 2:00 P.M. CENTRAL TIME (noon Pacific, 1:00 mountain, 3:00 Eastern). You can post a comment here or email me. Feel free to give alternatives.
  2. 2. On March 8, I'll set up the Zoom (either at that time or one that seems to be better for the majority of you) and email the invitation to each of you who lets me know you want to participate. LAUREEN -- I don't seem to have your email address for some reason. DARLO, I might be missing yours too.

3. Meanwhile, I'll post choices for topics and give you an opportunity to suggest some as well. Once I've arrived at an agenda designed by you, I'll post that so you can mentally prepare. It's also okay to just show up and enjoy! 

Can I just say that there is much GEEKING OUT over this? It is going to be Insanely Interesting!  Orchard Houser

I' m also LOVING your responses to our last post -- Being Out With Lanterns: Part Two. Here's  the link in case you missed it. I'll be here with Part III on Wednesday, so if you haven't shared your image with us, there's still time. Of course, there is always time to respond to past challenges. We're nothing if not flexible here!


Nancy Rue



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Hi Kelly! Can’t wait to get to know you more here and on zoom <3
Welcome aboard!

Kelly R Roberts

Hi! I am a newbie! Thank you for allowing me to jump into your group. I am so excited to be connecting with fellow writers!

I figured I would introduce myself a little. My name is Kelly Roberts. I live in Berlin, Maryland. My background is kinda long but here is a little tid bit. I am a Mama of 3, I own a Pilates studio in a resort town in Delaware, where I am also a Holistic Health Coach and Mindful Eating Chef. I also have an online business which is pretty much the studio but virtually. ;)

I went to college to be a writer. Focused on the mass media/journalism/creative writing side. Journalism in the real world wasn't really my cup of tea. :) So my writing career consists of a blog since 2007, a podcast "Inspire & Thrive, a novel-"The Road to Chianti" was self published in 2012 and I have 3 small cookbooks of my recipes that have also been self published. I just started my next novel in January and slowing working on that with all that life throws at me on a weekly basis. So kind of shortened version. Thought y'all may like a little background on me since I am the new girl coming in to this amazing group!

Looking forward to meeting you all and learning so much from everyone!

Kate P.

It’s on my calendar! So excited!!!


I think I can make it, Nancy; my email is [email protected]. Thanks for putting this together!


March 20th works for me!

Andrea Chatman

Works for me 😊


That date works for me!


Sorry for not responding before, but I would love to come :) I am free on that time and date, and will be there unless LIFE interrupts, as Pam has so deliciously said.

Pam Halter

Unless LIFE interrupts, as it has been doing lately, I have it on my calendar and am looking forward to seeing and hearing everyone!


I’m in for geeking out March 20!

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