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Calling All Questions

Question marks 2Hey, Writerly Women. I'm love, love, loving the questions you're asking in response to Monday's post. They're not only providing information I need to shape future posts and series -- they're allowing you to breathe a sigh of deep relief and say, "OH, my gosh, I'm not the only one who feels this way."

So far we have ( in addition to those posed in the Zoom session Saturday) :

  • Should I keep writing even with no visible publishing possibilities on the horizon?
  • How do I get my passion back -- that feeling I had when I started my project(s)?
  • I have SO many ideas. How do I decide which one to focus on?

Will you add your own to the list? A pattern is already forming in my mind as I look at these, and I'd like to have even more of your issues in front of me as I design what's ahead.

  • I'll put mine out there: How can I deal better with interruptions so I can sustain my attention in blocks of creative space?


    * There are no stupid questions

    * There are no too-small questions

    *There are no questions only you struggle with

Ask away!


Nancy Rue


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Pam Halter

I completely relate to your question, Nancy. You know what I deal with. And Anna's day program, which was supposed to open up next week is delayed because of staffing issues. SIGH.


Oops. I just posted my questions on the last post haha!!! Well, they are over there :)
Oh! Another one (you know me Nancy- I am the unending supply of questions ;) ) :
-How dark is too dark? How far gone can your character be before losing readers?

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