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Being Out With Lanterns: Part Two

Being Out With Lanterns: Part One

Gloria FebHello, fellow Writerly Women. Today we're starting a new series here on the Doorways Blog, a number of linked posts inspired by two Insanely Interesting Women. Gloria. And Emily Dickinson.

We're going to go about this a little differently than usual, because we are nothing here if not creative, am I right? 

We'll begin with our Gloria, whose photo gives rise to all KINDS of creative thoughts. What actually is going on in this scene? That's a real question.

 What I would LOVE for us all to do is take a moment -- and not much more than that -- to write down the first thing that comes into our heads when we look at this picture. Whether that's what you think is running through Gloria's mind or a title you'd give the photograph or a word that says it all -- there are no rules. Just write it down.

Then share it in a comment.

We are all wordsmiths here so I'm not going to tell you to limit your comment in any way. I think I'd have a mutiny on my hands, led by Cathy! Just know that all I'm suggesting is a word, possibly a few, maybe a string of them in a sentence.  This is a quickie challenge.

It IS going to take us somewhere. I'll post Part Two tomorrow. The title of this series will be made clear then.

Meanwhile, thanks, Gloria, for letting me post this provocative snapshot. You rock!


Nancy Rue



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Nancy Rue

Welcome back, Kate! You have survived! Love it!!!

Andrea Chatman

"The Dummies books were better."

Kate P.

Hi Lovely Ladies of the Written Word!
I’m back from the craziness that is teaching-during-a-pandemic, and I am here to stay... hopefully...

The first thought to pop into my brain was that Gloria’s expression was beautifully confused/concerned. Then I noticed the book title and laughed! I can teach you to read, Gloria! 😂


“You must what? I can’t believe I’m reading a book on how to read a book!”


"I THOUGHT I knew. Maybe I DON'T know."

What an incredible expression. It's just brimming with so much haha! Thanks for sharing Gloria!

Cathy Mayfield

It's me! Every time I try to read a book (watch a movie, read a blog post, check my watch! 😜)! I get a great writing idea of my own and completely lose track of where I'm at in the story. That's my look of saying, "Not again! Will I never get to finish a book in peace??"

(Short and sweet! 😏)


Main observations:
1. What amazing hair. I wish I also had confidence to rock something so striking!
2. I need a metaphor about apples for her cheeks because they are gorgeous but my writing brain is not functional at the moment.

YAY for quickie excercises, I love it! :))))


What popped into my head was: “What the heck? Obviously I got it all wrong up to now!”



Pam Halter

My first thought was I LOVE HER HAIR COLOR! I'm totally gonna do that the next time I'm in the salon. I've had blue/green for about 3 years now and am needing a change. Thanks, Gloria!

My second thought is ... she's thinking, "Seriously? You wrote a book on how to read a book? And got it published?? What the heck??"

Jennifer Guyer

The first thing that popped into my head was "How to Read a Book" was not written well.

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