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We Are Alive and Well!

Mae writing 2020Seriously, March cannot be the last time I posted, can it, ladies? Ah, so much has happened, within and without. Some of that will emerge in posts to come. For right now, let's just say that members of our community are alive and well, and it's time for us to come together again.

I know this to be true because in the last two days, some of the Young Women Writers who were going to attend the cancelled Glen Eyrie retreat joined me in a couple of Zoom sessions. It was so darn good to be with each other and to talk about writing and the writing life again -- but it wasn't enough. So I decided on the spot that it was time to come back to the blog and support each other. 

We need it now more than ever.

So thank you -- Hannahs T and C, Sarah, Caylene, Jennifer, Gloria, Amalie, Abigail, Talia and Michelle -- for bringing out the need for the sharing and the laughing and the commiserating. 

And the hope.

Here's the thing about these crazy times for me: there IS hope. One of my fave authors and followers of the Way, Richard Rohr, says there is a cycle in the life of the world that happens again and again. There is order -- usually something that works at first but becomes rigid and outdated over time. Then there is disorder, when the whole thing gets turned on its head and becomes a hot mess. Like now. (My contemporaries and I lived through that in the sixties too). Out of that comes re-order, when the order shows us the need for order, the disorder shows us what was wrong with that order and we find a new way for reconciliation and balance. That's the hope.

That's what I'm writing about. Hope.  I get my inspiration from my only current writing student (I've retired, you know), and that is granddaughter Maeryn who at age 9 may be my most brilliant 'client' yet. I'm homeschooling her one morning a week, and I'm learning more than she is, no doubt about it. She is the hope for the future. So are you. So are all of us.

So what do you say we come together, figure out how best to express that hope in our work, our art, and BE the hope we want to see as the world reorders?

If you're up for it, let us know. And tell us what you want to talk about. I have many topics at the ready, but I'm always poised to leave the plan for a felt need.

Meanwhile, will you share with us: What is the hope you are expressing in your writing? And if you're not -- what the heck's stoppin' ya?!



Nancy Rue