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A Chance for Input on Your Work

Answer to criticHey, Writerly Women. Every now and then here on the blog, we'll offer an opportunity for you to put your work in progress out there and get input from the group -- or just take a step in overcoming that fear of letting anybody see what you're doing, whether you invite comments of not.

Here's how that will work:

  1. You'll email me a 250-word excerpt or description of an idea with a specific question you'd like to have addressed (is this too wordy? is it generic? do you get it? is it cheesy?)-- or a request for no comments.
  2. I'll post it, probably on a Friday, and invite your fellow writers to make comments regarding your question.

We'll all follow the guidelines for helpful, humane input, which I'll post each time. They include saying something positive first, sticking to the writer's invitation and responding in the form of thoughtful suggestions or questions. I'll go into more detail on these later. And I'll go first so you'll see how it works and be assured that this will be a positive experience (i.e. nobody's going to go for your creative jugular)

For now, will you let us know how this sounds and whether you'd like to participate?   

AND one more thing: if you'd like to write a post for our blog, either send me an email or leave a comment. I'll send you the particulars. As always, we're all in this together.


Nancy Rue



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I'd love to do this! Both in putting out a piece for everyone to help with and offering encouragement and help in the comments.

Amanda King

When will this be starting?

Amanda King

I would love to be a part of this! Such a cool idea :) It's always so good to be able to share your idea with others and get feedback!


I love this idea of showcasing and critiquing our work! I'm up for it. I'm happy to guest post, Miss Nancy-I've never done it before, though ;)

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